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IGo Network of Volunteer Educators Serving Thailand

Who we are. INVEST is an IGo team that reaches out to the Thai people through teaching English. It is made up of the staff of English For Life (EFL) and the Wisdom Tree Home foreign volunteer staff. As native speakers of English, our teachers are able to provide a service that is in high demand in Thailand, helping to meet one of the felt needs of Thai society in a way that would be difficult for Thai people to do on their own.

Our Goal. Our goal is to teach English well as an avenue for building relationships that enable us to present the Good News and love of Jesus Christ to students and others we come in contact with.

Teaching well. We aim to provide quality service, so our teachers generally become TESOL certified and are encouraged to pursue on-going professional development. This helps to ensure that our teaching techniques and materials genuinely benefit our students and helps to provide a platform for a strong positive witness.

Building relationships. The position of our teachers as recognized, respected, and contributing members of the community opens the door for building relationships with students, staff, and other members of the local community. Our teachers are encouraged to pursue language study to aid in communication and allow for building deeper relationships.

Presenting the gospel. These relationships, in turn, provide opportunities to share the gospel, and to help disciple new believers. Without the personal connections of these relationships, attempts to share Christ would be largely ineffective in this Buddhist country that often sees little need for change.

Joining with Thai believers. In all our efforts, INVEST teachers seek to work through and alongside the local church. This helps the local church in their efforts to reach their communities, and also provides a safe and natural setting for new believers or seekers to learn and grow.

What we do—English For Life. Our focus at EFL has shifted from running a language center on a college campus to providing teachers for various institutions and programs around the city of Chiang Mai. We currently have teachers helping with an after-school English program at Chiang Mai City Church and teaching in several government schools in San Kamphaeng district. We also provide a support group for those studying in Thailand as part of their preparation for long-term service in the region.

What we do—Wisdom Tree Home staff. Wisdom Tree Home is a kindergarten/day care center founded and operated by Chiang Mai City Church as a part of their outreach to the community. INVEST provides volunteer teachers who are native English speakers to help with teaching English and providing child care.

Opportunities. There is an urgent and on-going demand for English teachers in Thailand. We are excited about the tremendous potential of partnering with local churches to provide volunteer teachers for government schools. If you would be interested in helping with this effort, please contact us at for more information.




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