Mission Statement: “Teaching Biblical manhood within Thai culture for the glory of God and furtherance of His Kingdom.”

About us:  A.D.A.M. is reaching out to young men in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Many of them come from poor, single-parent homes.  Leaving their families at young ages and joining a temple is often the only way for them to get an education.  They grow up without a father figure in their lives in a religious system that does not provide true meaning and purpose, which often results in wasted lives.

Our goal is to show Christ’s love by offering our friendship and modeling Christian manhood to them.  English teaching, meeting for coffee times and discussing religious subjects are some ways that provide opportunities for us to share our faith.  Our desire is to raise a group of godly men who will stand in the gap and fight for the spiritual well-being of their families and communities.

Currently the A.D.A.M. staff is engaging in intense language training.  At the completion of language study, more research will be conducted on the feasibility of a boarding school, teaching an accredited Christian world-view class in temple schools, and opening a skills training center.