Each term, students take four classes in each of the following subjects; Biblical Book Studies, Theology, Missions, and Personal Development. Classroom time provides opportunity not only to receive input but also to ask questions and engage in discussion. Study time is provided to complete classroom assignments designed to aid in the learning process. Chapel services are held daily.



The Mentoring/Discipleship involves interaction with a mentoring team as well as completing individual assignments designed to take the student into a deeper, clearer, more radiant relationship with Jesus Christ. The program provides personal solitude time as well as group sharing. Mentoring groups meet once a week for prayer and accountability to personal developed goals. Each term, a mentoring day is held which includes group sharing and recreation.



Each term, students participate in a ten day ministry trip either in Thailand or a neighboring Asian country. The ministry trips can vary in nature but are designed to enhance a global vision in the heart of the students as they relate cross-culturally and are exposed to unreached people groups and the spiritual needs of the world. Mission concepts are not only taught in the classroom, but ministry trips provide hands on opportunities to practically apply classroom knowledge.



Two evenings a week students participle in a local ministry. This, in addition to ministry trips, provides opportunities for students to apply the great commission in a practical way. Ministry nights can include: street evangelism, teaching English classes, assisting Ransom Ministries in prevention with women at risk, Monk ministry and other local efforts of building relationships and spreading the gospel.