Duane Webers 0011 copy.jpg

Duane & Suzette Weber

Meagan & Bryson

Duane receives and processes all the student applications for the IGo students in addition to organizing each semester schedule. He gives direction and oversees all the programs of the institute. He enjoys teaching one class per term as well as various other teaching opportunities in Southeast Asia.

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Assistant Administrator
Deaniel & Katrina Yoder

Caden, Jazer, Shadrach, Tirzah Joy & Ezion

Deaniel provides assistance to the administrator for all the programs of IGo and oversees the ministry night assignments for the students.  He also teaches one class each term.  

Lanus Duecks 0036 copy.jpg

IGo Pastor
Lanus & Aganetha Dueck

Josiah, JeKeera, Janika, Jamaar, & Jada

Lanus serves on the administrative team of IGo and pastors the IGo Christian Fellowship congregation.

Clifton Troyers 0032.jpg

IGo Ministries Director
Clifton & Rhonda Troyer

Caleb, Rebekah, Luke, Daniel, & Timothy

Clifton provides leadership and care for the IGo ministries and also serves on the administrative team of IGo.

Pastor Kiat & Amphan 0002.jpg

Thai Foundation President
Kiat & Amphan Luksansakhulchai

Kiat serves as the chairman of the Thai foundation that gives IGo legal status in Thailand.  Amphan cooks all the Thai meals Monday-Friday during semesters.

Rod & Janelle Musser 0030.jpg

IGo Ministry Trip Coordinator & Secretary (Administrative Assistant)
Rod & Janelle Musser

Rod organizes all the ministry trips for the IGo students to travel in southeast Asia.  Janelle serves in the office as the IGo secretary.

1 Jared Martin 0011 copy.jpg

Men's Dean
Jared Martin

 Jared provides leadership to the students by serving as the men’s dean.


Ladies' Dean
Lori Zimmerman

Lori serves through faithfully providing a listening ear to the student ladies and giving them direction.

1 Glenda Mast copy.jpg

Weekend Cook
Glenda Mast

 Glenda serves in the IGo kitchen on the weekends making delicious meals for everyone.