Is God calling you to minister to those who have never been touched by the Gospel? Would you like an opportunity to have Biblical training from Conservative Anabaptist teachers while simultaneously seeing the many openings there are for ministry in Asia?

IGo is an Anabaptist mission training school located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in Southeast Asia. The purpose of IGo is to provide students with a cross-cultural setting in which mission work, biblical teaching, and personal discipleship can take place simultaneously.  If you desire this kind of training, we invite you to prayerfully consider attending. Please explore the programs listed below on our website or contact us for more information.


IGo Training Institute

The IGo Training Institute is a missionary training school nurturing and equipping missionaries in a faith that works in love to build the church of Jesus Christ around the world.  Our students put their training into practice on the field. For ten days after each three-week term, students are involved in ministry trips for real, hands-on experience. These trips minister to people in other countries or tribal groups in Thailand.


Training men to take their responsibilities as godly leaders in their marriages, homes, churches and businesses is challenging in any culture.  In the matriarchal culture of Thailand it is of even greater importance.  Our ADAM ministry staff engages in this challenge to raise up godly men.


Asian Bible School

The IGo Asian Bible School is designed as a place for Asian Christians to experience learning and fellowship under the instruction of Bible teachers.

English for Life

This ministry uses the English language as a platform to reach to students at the North Chiang Mai University.  Our staff befriends and assists the native students through assisting them in their studies. This interaction gives many opportunities to build bridges for the sake of the gospel.


Macedonian Teaching Ministries

This ministry seeks to disciple national Asian Christians, equipping and mobilizing them to win their own unreached for Jesus Christ. Teaching teams conduct Bible conferences within numerous Asian countries.

Ransom Ministries

Thailand is known as the prostitution capital of the world. In Chiang Mai, the IGo Ransom Ministry staff pursues those who are in the bondage of human trafficking.  While sharing the love of Christ, they offer Bible teaching and skills training to these women.