Working the Streets: Going and Sending

streets-of-thailandMy friend, mem, just left a safe house and went back to work in prostitution in a bar owned by her husband. Mem spent time in the safe house because she wanted a better life for her two-year-old son, Nathii. We got to know her by spending time at the safe house, teaching Bible and playing games with them. Although she sought for more meaning to life outside of the horror she had known before, she eventually was pulled back into the bondage of her old life. She once again joined the hundreds of thousands of women in Thailand to sell herself in prostitution. Her son is now living with his grandmother as his mother is no longer able to take care of him.

Mem is one of the reasons why I pray on the red-light streets of Chiang Mai. These women are slaves in a way they don’t even understand. Only the power of Jesus Christ can break the spiritual chains that are binding these women! Please pray with us as we ask God how Ransom Ministries can best fight the evil of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Chiang Mai. – Becky Stoltzfus


Our daughter becky was living in Romania in the summer of 06 when she first heard about IGo. She had been working at the Nathaniel Orphanage for a couple of years and longed for more training to be better able to minister to the children. Becky was immediately attracted to IGo, seeing it as an opportunity to receive some good teaching and be able to travel and experience other cultures. When Becky first talked to me about IGo, I encouraged her to consider it seriously because I knew how much she wanted more training. She was on the mission field at the time so I knew that one of her concerns was finances. I told her that if God wanted her to go that he would provide the funds for her.

Around the same time that Becky was considering IGo, our son Phil was at SMBI and was also considering going to Thailand for the first IGo term. Several people encouraged him to also go in 07. I suppose it was Becky that had some of the primary influence for him. In retrospect it’s obvious that God was working in both of their lives to move them to consider Igo. As parents we supported their decision to go, without being fully aware of the impact that it would have on their lives.

Both Becky and Phil came home from Thai- land with very positive reports from their Igo experience. What I noticed immediately was that God had used this experience to place a specific call on each of their lives. Becky returned with a tremendous burden for the needs of children trapped in prostitution and child trafficking and Phil came home with a burden and a desire to be involved in an inter city mission.

If you are a parent of a young man or women that is considering IGo I can give you this advice. Allow God to use IGo and the opportunity to study in another culture to make your child more like Jesus and to expose them to good sound Anabaptist teaching in another culture and with the opportunity to visit other Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. You won’t regret it! – Jon stoltzfus (aka “Becky’s dad”)

(I Witness News/Fall 2009)

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