What are the Results?

igo-students-karen-villagersNo longer do we try to look into the future and vision what will be the end product of a student after completing a four month semester at IGo – it is finished, we have the results!

Before we look at what the results have been, let’s look at what our goals were before we started. What kind of students were we wanting to send back to their homes? Were we even wanting to send them back to their homes?

In answer to the first question, our desire was to open students eyes to a lost and needy world. We wanted to give our students a perspective that far exceeded their own home community and country. The American life is not a normal life in our world, so part of our goal was to expose our students to the great needs outside of America. To see multitudes of people live with so little when we have so much changes how one views life. To watch the multitudes offer incense and offerings to an idol burdens a heart in a way that one never experienced before. To follow and serve an Asian native pastor for two weeks and see that he has no helpers to assist him in the work of five churches changes how one looks at their home congregation where most have several leaders to share the load of one congregation. To witness to someone who does not own a Bible, cannot read or know who Jesus is makes one stop and thank God for the rich blessing that we have been given that we do not deserve.

In answer to the second question, “Were we even wanting to send our students back to their homes?” we leave that in God’s hands, for it is He who calls and sends. Yet, as we see the great needs on the foreign fields and hear the cry for laborers, our desire is not that our students would return to their homes, but that they would be sent out to the field. In Matthew 9:38, Jesus said, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” In obedience to our Lord’s cry, we too pray that these students would be sent out to those who do not know or have not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

So what are the results after completing a semester at IGo? All of the students have been stretched spiritually and physically through the classes and ministry trips. Most students sense a call to serve on the foreign field. Some gain a vision of how they can go home and better serve in their home congregation and community, reaching out to the lost around them. All students have added not only Biblical knowledge, but ministry experience to their lives. The lives of both students and staff members have been enriched through sharing the joys and struggles of learning and growing together in the work of the Lord.

After completing my first semester as a teacher here at IGo, my life has been enriched – I have been so blessed! My prayer is that our 24 students would not leave IGo the same, but go out in total surrender to our Lord who has a plan and place of service for each one. Whether in American in their home area, in Asia on the other side of the world or somewhere in between, we pray that each one will be a faithful laborer. May God’s Kingdom grow through what has been done at IGo – that is our goal!

By Rick Rhodes, IGo Instructor (I Witness News/Fall 2007)

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