Send More! Feedback on IGo Ministry from China

english-teacher-with-studentsTo summarize, the long-term team members based here in China were very impressed with both of the (IGo) teams who came to us from Chiang Mai. Throughout the two week Summer School all of them were fully committed to the teaching programme and enthusiatic to spend time with their Chinese students outside of the classroom. To be honest, it would seem that the general character of those within the Mennonite movement is ideally suited to living and working in China! All of the team members demonstrated many qualities we would normally look for in our long-term teachers:- the ability to adapt quickly to the local conditions; acceptance of changing circumstances without moaning or complaining; wonderful sense of team; willingness to follow the advice and guidance from team leadership; high level of commitment to complete responsibilities; and maintaining a peace and joy even in the midst of challenging circumstances. Sadly these are qualities that we sometimes don’t observe in those intending to come long-term to China!

I was totally impressed by the team as a whole; we worked wonderfully together and I must confess, I have never worked with such a great team of people – gracious, humble, open, courteous, un-demanding, humourous, … The list could go on.

If further teams were to come to us through Chiang Mai we have already discussed various ways to reduce the workload for us here in (China). We were all very impressed with the way the team members served throughout the Summer Schools. No team member was offensive to the culture. Again the general Mennonite character is ideally suited not to offend the Chinese culture – no inappropriate dress or offensive personal habits to give just two examples!

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