Searching for Safety: Faced With Desperate Circumstances Asians are Looking for Answers

asian-man-prayingAsia is reeling after two shattering disasters have hit our neighboring countries! The physical needs that were great before are magnified in the aftermath of the Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and the earthquake in Sichuan, China. God is allowing these events for the purpose of inviting Asians to seek Him as Lord. This is God’s call for action! How can we mobilize to share the love of God to these devastated regions?

Currently some of our students are involved in ministry in India. One of the girls wrote, “Ok . . .so I knew I would be changed when I signed up for coming over to Asia. Wow! . . . being in India is one way to change your view of life in general! The kids just capture my heart . . . especially the dirty ones. Yesterday I held and played with a tiny little girl . . . she hardly weighed a thing! I can see why Jesus had such a heart for children, they are precious in His sight. In a few hours we are leaving for Ieeja. We will be a part of the team that will be doing a Vacation Bible School . . . we’re expecting 800-1000 children . . .coming from area tribes and towns!”

Another group of students are visiting various Middle Eastern countries where Christ is going to be made known to Muslim people. Future ministry trips are planned for China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and hopefully, Myanmar. These are experiences that have consistently brought a perspective about affluence that tangles with what we take for granted in the West.

Becky Stoltzfus has joined our IGo staff to be our connecting link in minister to the sexually-exploited. Thailand is known for this dehumanizing treatment of women and children. We have met with leaders of several other ministries to gather understanding of how God wants us to enter this challenging calling. Please pray for Becky as she prepares to serve the Lord in these desperate situations.

There are so many opportunities to share the love of Christ through our words, our actions and our smiles. There is considerable room for young ladies next semester. Do you know of a sister who needs encouragement and support in order to train for mission work? Much of Asia has never heard that Christianity is a life-style fleshed out in accordance with the Truth of the Gospel and radiated through the selfless giving of a heart in love with Jesus. How long will the Lord wait for us to respond before the opportunities will close in millions of lives, forever? Asia, and the whole world, is a fi eld white unto harvest. Come and join the reapers!

By Val Yoder, IGo Administrator (I Witness News/Summer 2008)

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