Ransom for Red Light Workers

with-women-at-bar“With Your blood You ransomed men and women for God from every tribe, and language, and nation, and tongue…” We believe it’s the heart of God to reach every person, and we are asking God to help us feel His heart for the women He has called us to reach here in Chiang Mai.

Ransom Ministries is still in its beginning stages and prayer is our main ministry right now. Wednesday evenings are when the four of us la- dies on Ransom staff pray on the nearby street, while Deaniel prays for us back at the house. We pray as we walk the street and try to find opportunities to talk to the women. Sometimes this means going into a bar and ordering some food or pop. There are some women whose faces light up when they see us, and they wave at us across the street. Other times, we feel the walls of fear and mistrust. We usually spend an hour or two out on the street, and then return to the house for a time of prayer and worship which helps to lift the heaviness we felt from being on that street.

Because of the language barrier we cannot yet share the Gospel with these women, but we know that we can lay the foundation now by offering our friendship. We are praying for Thai staff to help bridge the gap in language and culture.

We are focusing a lot on language study right now, which will be the key to reaching these women. We also help out at Sunshine House, a local Thai center for women, and enjoy learning from them. This includes occasional English classes and one of us joining their bar outreach each week.

God is also opening up doors for Ransom Ministries to have young ladies’ classes on Godly Femininity in nearby countries alongside of some of the MTM conferences. This is a much needed subject in so many areas where women are not seen as people of value and worth.

In the future, we are hoping to offer a variety of classes to the women in our area. Our long-range goal to open a center where these women can come to learn and work and most of all find hope in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the ministry and the people of Thailand.

-Rosa King and Heidi Gingerich

(I Witness News/Winter 2010)

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