Training Institute

IGo’s Training Institute offers Courses which integrate Bible, missions and Anabaptist theology. The courses are designed to strengthen the doctrinal foundation of both potential and current mission personnel. They strengthen the missionaries while they are actively involved in the harvest field. We have a hands-on training school that is located on the foreign field.

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It is important that we unite mission training and ministry as much as possible. Often, when we leave the “book learning” phase of mission work and go to the field, we discover that there are questions we wish we could bring back to the teacher or the classroom. At IGo we take the student and the teacher to the mission field where they can learn and labor together.

It is our goal to provide an avenue for members of conservative Anabaptist churches to impact the world with the message of the Kingdom. We are committed to taking the Gospel to all people with a message that is Biblical and uncompromised. This is the heart of IGo!

The Institute currently offers two four-month programs per calendar year which alternate periods of classroom study, travel in Asia, and ministry to nationals. All classes are conducted on a junior college level of instruction and will be taken by all students depending on their year of attendance. (Visit our semester schedule.)

After a student has completed two semesters at IGo, they may enter the second year program. This program involves one internship period in a ministry compatible with the calling the student is sensing from the Lord, and a second period in language study. After attending classes the first term of a semester, the student will be placed into an internship. The student would return to IGo for the final wrap-up week of the semester before returning home or to their area of ministry for the next semester.

Please Contact Us for more information about IGo Training Institute classes and schedule, or Read About Our Courses on this website. You may also register for the Training Institute online.

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