Macedonian Ministry

MTM stands for Macedonian Teaching Ministry. MTM is one of the IGo ministries located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


The purpose of MTM is to make disciples of all nations for the advent of the gospel unto the unreached.

It has been said that few people reject the gospel, but rather reject the package that the gospel comes in. When a foreigner comes to another race and culture of people with the gospel, it is packaged in a strange skin color, strange clothing, strange language and accent. When a national person comes with the gospel there is no package problem. The missionary is one of the individual’s own people and culture. The gospel message has a far greater impact when it is brought by a native, same-culture missionary! This is the vision and heartbeat of MTM.

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MTM accepts invitations from native leaders to come to their countries and regions to teach Biblical discipleship principles. To date, MTM has conducted discipleship conferences in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malawi, Kenya, Egypt, and Indonesia as well as Thailand. The native coordinators bring together the native pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries and Christian workers from within their own countries. The average attendance per conference is approximately 100 leaders. MTM provides a teaching team consisting of conservative Anabaptist teachers from our Mennonite churches in America and Canada as well as IGo staff. The teaching team travels to the host country to teach a 3-5 day Bible conference. All teaching is done through a native translator.  Native students then translate what they have learned into their own local and tribal language as a means of discipleship in native churches as well as ministering the gospel to their own unreached people.

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