Church Planting

An overriding, all consuming spiritual fire in the early believers’ souls brought to birth and nurtured the most glorious bride the world has ever known: the Church of Jesus Christ. No one on earth has the attention from the Eternal Prince like this bride does. Paul records that Christ is sanctifying her with His words, His whisperings, and His washings. Daily, she is being changed from one level of glory to greater levels of glory. She is glorious and continues to become more resplendent! She is becoming more integrated with Him. That integration creates the entity we call the local church.

No isolated individual can accurately impersonate the Bride. We do that collectively. Therefore, every attempt at evangelism, ministry, and mission work must directly link to the establishment and glorifying of the church.

This reality has prompted the IGo Board to place this track of our ministry along side the others in our initial Asian work. Not only is brotherhood essential to the national believers who commit their
lives to Jesus Christ as lord and savior, but it is equally essential to the expatriate missionary. All Christian development and growth involves relating with other believers in impacting and sanctifying
ways. Each missionary, missionary in training, teacher, staff person, as well as convert must, by the necessity of God’s ordained design, be connected significantly with a local church.

Church Planting Strategy and Support

The IGo board recognized the critical nature of anabaptist church planting strategy and support, and designated the IGo Pastor to take leadership in that responsibility. This IGo staff person, and others as designated, will be involved in various responsibilities related to local church ministry as well as church planter member care.
Some areas of ministry include:

  • To establish and lead a church for personnel involved in the Institute for Global Opportunities program and Macedonian Ministry.
  • To implement and oversee a mentoring program for the students of IGo while they are in training.
  • To teach and train national leaders in establishing national churches.
  • To visit and encourage these churches as they emerge.
  • To oversee and encourage expatriate missionaries who assist the native leaders in these churches.

We continue to beg for your prayers as the Lord leads us onward in training conservative Anabaptists for missions around the world.