Observations for the Perspective of a New Staff Member

cleanliness-lessonOur staff manual says, “The stains of sin are not taken off the human soul by IGo, they are taken off by the Blood of Jesus. The ability to live like He did does not come from IGo, it comes from His resurrection! Our golden opportunity is to model Him.” In my opinion, these statements are more than just talk at IGo. I am humbled to be a part of this ministry. The first observation I get from IGo is that the organization is not built on people but on that which is eternal. To me, that gives credit to the work. The second observation is that IGo’s ministries are on the cutting edge and are able to keep convictions. How is that? I will sight 2 cases.

1. One couple is working in a supporting role to a Thai church. In this kind of ministering, a number of things have to be set in place: 1) solid convictions in the missionary themselves, 2) support from the home congregation 3) continued support and council from IGo.

2. The second case involves the Ransom Ministries, a ministry to prostitutes. In this kind of ministering, a number of things also have to be set in place: 1) solid convictions in the missionary themselves – a lady cannot go ministering to prostitutes dressed like one, 2) they need to have a calling for this ministry – they are working against the powers of evil, 3) ladies need to have the support of men, but the men will not be directly involved. The two ways men are involved are by 1) supplying spiritual protection for the ladies by praying a nearby location as they go meet with the prostitutes and 2) teaching in mixed group settings, classes for rehabilitation and Bible study which allows men to model Christian masculinity.

The third observation I have is on the program of the Institute. I am sold on it. The classes, the mentoring program (which includes everyone), the ministry nights, the recreation nights, and the ministry trips are all integrated so that a student can develop into who God wants them to be. This does not stifle a student’s decision making but helps guide it. This program helps give direc tion to stimulate growth by seeing the hands-on-teaching experience “fingerprints” of God in the experiences of life, both pleasant and painful. It is the goal for all students to see their lives as the framework that God can now use to build their ministry.

I have not mentioned the IGo English Centre, the church plant in Pang Klang, or the Macedonian Teaching Ministry, but God is working in many ways. PTL.

By Lee Mummau (I Witness News/Summer 2008)

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