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three-girlsThe Institute for Global Opportunities has been in the planning stages for almost three years now. During this time the groundwork has been done for the beginning of an exciting mission training program that is designed to bring learning and ministry together in an overseas setting. The first term of classes are scheduled to begin in April 2007. We are in the process of student enrollment and expect to begin the first term with 24 students.

We are now moving into a new stage of preparation for the ministry to begin. Many of the board members are planning to travel to Thailand in June to select a site to lease for the Institute. The first staff families will be moving to the field in October of this year. The Institute is moving from an idea into a physical reality. This, of course, means that there are needs that will need to be met in order for the Institute to be able to continue to move forward as planned.

We would like to share some of our needs in order to encourage you to pray with us that God will provide through his people. If you or your church is able to contribute toward these needs, that would be greatly appreciated.

Beginning with the lease of a facility we anticipate that our monthly budget will be approximately $3,000.00 per month. When the staff reach the field in October our monthly budget will increase to approximately $6,000.00 per month. We need your prayers and support to meet these projected monthly expenditures.

There are also some items that are needed to begin the Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Following is a list of the cost of some of these items. Due to the cost of shipping supplies to Thailand from North America, we intend to purchase these things in Thailand. If you or your church would be willing to help supply the funds for one of these needs, please designate your contribution for your intended purpose.

Appliances for the Institute – $1,000.00
Furniture for the Institute – $1,500.00
Institute Office Equipment and computer – $2,000.00
Pickup Truck – $10,000.00
Kitchen utensils and supplies – $1,000.00
Library – $1,000.00
Air Conditioning units for office and kitchen – $1,500.00
Remodeling and building preparation – $10,000.00
God has been so faithful as we have moved through the process of planning for the Institute for Global Opportunities. We thank you for your interest, prayers and support. We present these specific needs with an interest in your continued prayer and support.

By Merle Burkholder

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