Ministry Trip Testimonies

IGo Ministry trips: Did they change my life? More than I can ever say in a brief paragraph! For me, it was getting out of my safe little comfort zone and gaining a new perspective of what life on earth is really about. It was experiencing the joy and passion that was so alive among many of the Asian Christians and so absent in many North-American Anabaptists. It was going into places where the gospel hadn’t ever been taught. It was being with people that had absolutely nothing, yet showed unlimited hospitability to us. It was for the first time in my life being disappointed when I didn’t get an opportunity to share my faith with someone I met. It was worshipping God with Christian brothers and sisters even though we couldn’t speak each other’s language. It was seeing and feeling the dead and empty hopelessness of idol worship. But most of all, it was being hit with the realization that God has blessed me so significantly for a reason and that I am responsible to do something with it. –Gloria Martin

Aizawl, India – a beautiful land of rolling mountains and endless beauty that captured our attention as we gazed at the amazing creation of our God. In a remote little village way back in the mountains, God taught me many things about servanthood. The poor natives gave of their best to serve me, a truly wealthy person. I was humbled to walk alongside the native missionaries and to experience their passion and fervor for the lost souls of that village. They daily gave of themselves to serve in a Christ-like way. In the West we have biblical teachings that they know absolutely nothing about, and even though I’ve been blessed so richly with teaching, I was truly humbled and challenged at the dedication they had for the Lord. My life is forever touched by the experiences I had on my ministry trips throughout Asia. -Deanne Weaver

On my ministry trips into various Asian countries, God opened my eyes to certain things in the cultures that really gripped my heart. The native Christian’s enthusiasm for God was one aspect that stands out to me. Most of the countries that we entered were against Christianity which made it dangerous for Christians to share their faith in God. It was a real blessing to see the native Christians in those countries verbally (boldly) proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ among other native non-believers. The thought occurred to me, ” Wow! If they can confidently share their faith in a closed-access country, then why do I face fear when going out to witness to people in my own home community (or abroad)?” Why should the thought of “What will they think of me?” even enter my mind? Something I’ve grown in and am still learning is to have the fear of the Lord hidden in my heart. When I have a healthy fear of God, the fear of man should not even faze me. –Bronson Yoder

Ministry trips taught me that I dream too small. To be quite honest with you, living as a missionary in some small village was never my dream. In fact, I was rather terrified that God would call me to some place I really didn’t want to go! But somewhere in the course of trips to places like India and Laos all that changed. I met people whose lives seemed vastly different from mine, but at the core there was really no difference. I saw some of the most contented people in poor mountain villages, and I realized again that material wealth does so little to produce true happiness. I felt God’s presence the same in India as I did back home in Ohio, and I realized something else: above all, I want to be where He is. If for me that means in a village with no running water, then I can go with joy because He will be there. My dream now is to be wherever He wants me to be, knowing that He will give courage and strength for every calling. -LaRonda Schrock

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