Ministry Nights in Chiang Mai

teaching-english-to-buddist-monksWhat a blessing it has been to become acquainted with our second semester students who are now one week into their IGo experience. Four of our first semester students remained to be joined by seventeen newly arrived trainees. In addition, we have five second year students who are either already involved in mission work or anticipate it after the term is finished. There is a keen level of anticipation and hunger for what God is going to do.

While the political doors of Thailand are shaking in Bangkok, the doors of ministry that have opened this semester are amazing. This evening seven groups of students left to minister in various area of Chiang Mai. One group continues to minister to the children of the GTO nannies in order to give them time off. Another group continues to accompany Kris Schrock to minister to the college-aged youth at the Centre (an ministry teaching English to students). Becky Stoltzfus also takes two ladies with her to minister to the sexually-exploited. We thank the Lord for these on-going opportunities. In addition to those former ministries, another group of students is now developing a children’s ministry with Pastor Kiat’s church in another section of the city. Four young men went with Dru Lattin (who just arrived with his wife, Lisl) to teach English to over fifty Buddhist monks. The story of the Prodigal Son was shared with these men of which only one had ever heard. A sixth group is teaching English at a school for 240+ blind children. The seventh group is led by our Pakistani student and they are going into Muslim mosques in Chiang Mai to share the Gospel. We stand amazed in the Presence of Jesus the Nazarene!!! He longs to reveal His life through His Bride, the church.

As we contemplate the unrest in India, in Bangkok, in China, in Burma, and other places, we are convinced that God has raised up these young people for such a time as this. The doors are open! The fields are white! The needs are great! Who will go?

Pray that the Lord of Harvest will send forth reapers into the harvest field.

By Val Yoder, IGo Administrator (I Witness News/Fall 2008)

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