Making Disciples Among All Nations

raymond-teachingMTM is all about making disciples among all nations for the cause of spreading the gospel to the unreached. As of August 2011, IGo-MTM will be three years old and have completed twenty-two leadership conferences in seven countries. These countries include numerous conferences in India, Nepal and Myanmar, as well as Bhutan, Indonesia, Malawi (Africa) and Egypt. The MTM schedule for the remainder of 2011 is packed out. Almost all of 2012 has already been promised with MTM accepting a maximum of ten conferences per year. There still remains approximately eight to ten un- accommodated requests as we look into 2013 … and the requests just keep coming.

The average attendance for the past twenty-two conferences has been approximately seventy-five delegates per conference. Almost all of the attendees are native church leaders and missionaries who work in the remote regions where the unreached are located. Truly God has opened the door for MTM in ways that have been above and beyond our human comprehension. Many of the testimonies of the MTM attendees are very humbling. Almost all of them work in remote regions where all wheeled vehicles are useless, including a bicycle. Their legs are their only mode of transportation. They live in very difficult circumstances and climb rugged mountains for many hours to take the gospel to places where it has never been preached. In the Himalayan regions there are thousands of villages who have never even heard the gospel once. But these heroic native missionaries are making great sacrifices to take the Name of Jesus to one remote village after the next. As Americans, many times we feel as though we should sit at their feet and let them teach us! They do so much with so little and we do so little with so much. Their worship and prayers are very heart-touching, often oiled with many tears. When we teach the Word of God there is such a hunger and desire that is seldom seen anymore today. This is indeed very invigorating for the MTM teachers. These native missionaries are making a difference in their world today.

From time to time MTM is also partnering with the IGo student ministry trips as well as IGo-Ransom ministries. This has proven to greatly expand our conservative Anabaptist witness for Jesus Christ. It is one thing to have us older men teaching Biblical principles, but there is an added impact and our witness for Christ comes alive when we have young people along who are demonstrating those principles! God has also greatly used IGo-Ransom ministries in teaching Godly femininity principles to young ladies at MTM conferences. Many women in Asian culture are degraded and abused and struggle to find their purpose and value in Jesus Christ. MTM looks forward to doing many more conferences in this 3-way partnership.

God has clearly opened a door for us as conservative Anabaptist believers to unveil the beauty of God’s holiness among nominal Christianity in this part of the world. The Protestant Evangelical world has done a good work of evangelizing in many of these areas, but they have done little or no discipleship of these new believers. This lack of discipleship has left a nominal Christian community that is a mile wide but only an inch deep. As these first-generation Christians delve into the Scriptures, they see truths and principles in God’s Word that they have never before heard or seen lived out. From their perspective, Western Christianity is the most removed from Biblical truth. This causes these new believers to search and seek God for discipleship and teaching in God’s Word. These dear believers have nowhere to turn and often face great opposition and rejection in their decision to embrace Jesus Christ. In their search for deeper Biblical truth, they travel to a local village and get onto the internet and search for Biblical discipleship and teaching web sites. God has divinely and sovereignly led some of them to connections on one of the IGo Ministries web sites. This story repeats its self over and over again and is often how connections are made.

The invitations are abounding, the opportunities are staggering, and the impact these teaching conferences make are beyond human comprehension. Please do pray for this ministry. A very special thank you to all who pray and financially support this ministry.

By Raymond Burkholder (I Witness News/Summer 2011)

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