Krystal Byler Yoder: 1959 – 2009

krystal-yoderVibrancy. Vitality. Vision. These are words that describe Krystal Yoder. Krystal was born to Vernon and Fannie Mae Byler in Northern Minnesota in 1959. She was raised there and married Val Yoder in 1979.

Val and Krystal faithfully served the Lord as the Pastor of the Kitchi Pines Mennonite Church near Blackduck, Minnesota. Later the Lord opened the doors for them to serve as administrator of Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute in Harrisonville, PA.

Krystal was a person who was full of life. She loved the Lord. Her vibrancy came through in everything she did. She inspired many people to strive for a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, as they sensed her own intimate relationship with Him.

Krystal loved life. She had experienced new life in Christ and enticed others to experience Him too. She loved to explore and study the Word of God and share those insights with others.

Krystal was a person who had a vision for her life, the lives of her children and the lives of her friends. She shared her caring heart with many people through her years of ministry. Her vision was an encouragement and blessing to many.

Val and Krystal were looking forward to serving together as the administrator couple with the Institute for Global Opportunities. Krystal had initial concerns about moving to Thailand due to her health, however, as time went on, God gave her peace about going and she was looking forward to ministering alongside her husband in the work of IGo.

Her death was a shock to all of us. She was so much a part of plans for the Institute for Global Opportunities. We wanted her to share her heart and life with the students in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The world needs more men and women who have the passion for life, and the vibrant, intimate Christian life and experience that Krystal had.

We accept that God had other plans. He has called Krystal home in His own timing. We grieve losing her at this time, yet see that moving ahead with the Institute is something that Krystal would have wanted us to do. We are not discouraged or dismayed, but are grieving our loss.

By her life, Krystal gave living evidence that a person does not have to live long in order to have a meaningful life; one that impacts others for Christ and leaves the world a better place. We ask for your prayers for the Institute, for Val and his children as they discern God’s will for their family, and for their living in the reality of life without Krystal.

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