Kingdom Builders

spiritual-trustEvery time I read the book of Nehemiah, I am repeatedly fascinated with the striking example of what can be done by ordinary, inexperienced people who work together to accomplish an incredible task for the Kingdom of God. The men and women that built that wall were not experienced block layers. Some of them were the equivalent of our contemporary evangelists, bishops, jewelers, pharmacists, politicians, preacher’s daughters, shopkeepers, and other occupations that were unrelated to wall building. In addition to this, they endured the extra difficulty of trying to use their construction tools while also holding their defensive weapons. They also needed to keep checking the surrounding neighborhood for the enemy as they mudded-in each rock, in order to be prepared for battle at any moment. The enemy looked at the wall-building crew and mocked them, deriding their project as being so poor that even a fox walking on the wall would cause it to crumble. In spite of the scorn, this astonishing work force were able to accomplish their goal in just fifty-one days.

As I have had the opportunity to work with the faculty, staff and ministry workers of IGo, I have a similar sense of awe. Each one of the people pictured in this newsletter have been strategically placed by God into the building process that God has called IGo to in Asia. It would be the sincere desire of all of us that you would pray to the “Lord of the Harvest” on our behalf. We long to be faithful in building the Kingdom of God in Asia.

By Val Yoder (I Witness News/Winter 2011)

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