Jesus Paid the Ransom: IGo’s Ransom Ministries

two-girlsRecently my attention was arrested by a Fox News report about honor killing in America. The reporter cited a growing number of cases that are springing up as radical Muslims have resorted to killing their wives, sisters and daughters for embracing American life-style issues, refusing to marry men twice their age that were appointed by their fathers, or for defending their daughters in an argument. At the same time these fathers are sexually active outside their own marriage and irresponsible in the home.

Another attack has come upon women of Asia. The Buddhist culture has denigrated the place of a woman to the level of servitude to men. Their belief would include the idea that a woman is a woman because she was a bad man in a previous life. Her role as a woman is to assume the financial and domestic responsibility for her parents and family. To fail to do so is to be ostracized and shamed in the community. Hundreds of thousands of daughters in Asia conclude that the only way to procure the needed income is by selling their bodies. Since that demonic motivation does not supply the quota of prostitutes demanded by lecherous men, many thousands more are duped into this horrendous life-style when “businessmen” come to their villages promising education and employment if the parents will let their sons and daughters come with them to the opportunities of city life. These chil- dren end up in the dark alleys of the red light district being exploited night after night.*

In the final act of creation, God formed the woman from Adam’s side to give to him a beautiful, creative helper in the calling He gave to them together. Satan immediately attempted to minimize and frustrate that relationship. He continues to this day with diabolic energy to destroy Adam’s helper. Chiang Mai is on one of the most significant human trafficking trade routes in southeast Asia. From the poverty of the hill tribes living in Burma, Laos, and northern Thailand, a stream of humanity passes through on its way to Bangkok and beyond.

While Gentiles and rulers lorded their power over the people, Jesus came to be a servant to them. He came to give His life as a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28). He then calls us to ransom lives from the grasp of Satan. This is the foundation of Ransom Ministries, a branch of IGo that is reaching to the women of the streets. Rebecca Stoltzfus has been joined by Rosa King and Naomi Swarey to lead a contingency of godly young ladies into the streets of Chiang Mai to “ransom” women by praying against the spirit of sensuality that dominates those quarters. They also engage the women in conversation whenever possible and assist with some other programs that are specifically targeting this need. There are ten of our staff and student ladies that are currently in the work of ransoming these lives.

The Ransom Ministries leaders (Becky, Rosa and Naomi) have moved to the town of Omgoy, south of Chiang Mai, for a three-month internship where they will develop friendships and study the lives of village girls to get a background of what life is like for prostitutes before they end up on the streets of a city. They will also be developing a curriculum designed to teach native girls the blessedness of godly femininity, an attempt to keep them from selling themselves in the future. God has opened the doors of Omgoy in a very special way through an elderly Karen evangelist, Wright Dee, who is overwhelmed with gratefulness to Ransom Ministries for ministering in these settings.

In such a ministry as this, we sense an intense need for “prayer covering.” The perpetrators of this dark trade are ruthless and inhumane. But God promises that the gates of hell will not prevail! Will you pray with us for Ransom Ministries?


*If thinking about these situations causes your heart to cry out, read books like Not for Saleby David Batstone.

By Val Yoder (I Witness News/Fall 2009)

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