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interns-fall-2011When a young person aspires to enter the medical field for the purpose of bringing health to the bodies of their patients, they are required to spend some time as an intern working alongside a medical doc- tor for the practical training needed before they are released to practice medicine independently. IGo’s internship program follows a similar principle as our students complete their first year of training, mentor groups and ministry exposure. They then work alongside experienced people to learn how to bring “health” to the souls of their “patients.”

The interns come to Chiang Mai for three weeks of classes in our second year program, after which they leave the campus and become directly involved in the internship for the following three months. This second year consists of two distinct internship programs. One is a language internship where the student is immersed in the language group in which they feel called to minister in order to attain as much of the language as they can. This is only a start in their language learning but it gives them a real-to-life exposure to what it will be like to continue on. The second internship involves active participation with an organization involved in the kind of ministry the student aspires to serve in.

This semester we have four young ladies, with two assistants, who will be participating in four different types of programs to reach the lost. Beth Atkinson and her assistant, Rachel Schrock, will be traveling to Mae Sot, Thailand to give medical assistance to refugees with a ministry called Compasio. Vera Champ and her assistant, Heidi Gingerich (who is also one of our Ransom Staff ladies), will be traveling to Pattaya, Thailand to work with the Tamar Center in reaching women in prostitution. Deanne Weaver will be assisting the GTO team that works in the Thailand Children’s Ministry. Joyce Shoemaker will be assisting the Children at Risk ministry in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Please pray for these students as they take the message of the Gospel through their words and lives to these needy people.

(I Witness News/Fall 2011)

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