“If I’m honest, it was mostly a self-centered desire for adventure that brought me to IGo, but now God has used that desire to change my life and my future through IGo.”  JN

“One thing I have been thinking a lot about is this whole vision of starting a young men’s Bible Study/Mentoring programs for any of the youth guys from our two churches. I have learned so much from the mentoring program I was a part of at IGo and it’s my desire that more young people could start sharing and studying the Bible together in this way! I would like to organize it in a way that incorporates fun activities and sharing times simultaneously.  We are in a raging battle, people! We can choose to withdraw ourselves, and melt into the growing numbers of mediocre “soldiers,” OR we can choose to run up to the front lines and fill those gaps for our God! I can’t think of a more fulfilled life than the latter.” JR

“As an encouragement to you and the work there in Thailand, well, let’s just say I really feel both their lives have been drastically changed in a very positive way.  After spending some time with them, listening to their experiences and the spiritual insights they’ve gained, I’m more enthused about the program than ever!  Both of them are like artisan wells – they’re full and running over, and wanting to share with others – especially our congregation and youth group –  what God has been teaching them the last few months.  It’s quite exciting to see.  My prayer is that we can send more of our young people to IGo; I really feel our typical Anabaptist congregations can be changed in a positive direction if we inject some passion for ministry & service into our churches, starting with our young people.  The vision they gain, if kept nurtured, can last a lifetime!” – Pastor from OH

“God, I want to serve your purpose.  I don’t care if it means death within several weeks or if it means serving you till I am old and grey. I  don’t care if I have to be an odd ball in my society or an odd ball in an unreached people group.  You have an assignment with my name on it.  Your plan is that I live a life that causes people and peoples to see your glory. You know where the most strategic place is for me to do that, and I want to follow in obedience and faith, no matter how much it costs.” SG

“I just want to thank you and the ministry team for blessings us with their presence.  They were a blessing and a model for each girl we visited at the bars.  They bless the ladies at English class with the songs they sang and with the testimonies. They were kind, and humble; help us in everything we asked.  They worked very well as a team in unity.   The more I got to know them, the more impacted  I was.  They took good care of the house.  I just want  to say THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.” – a mission worker at Tamar Center in Pattaya, Thailand.