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kelly-teaching-english_0Collier Berkshire always said, “God has not blessed us because we are good people, He has blessed us so that we can bless others.” One of our MANY blessings is the gift of the English language. God gave us this gift so that we could bless others.

English teaching is an easy way to enter almost any country. There are many volunteer and paid positions for native English speakers. One of the functions of the IGo English Centre is to be a model for IGo students to observe and duplicate in other countries. We have IGo students who join us Monday and Friday nights to practice teaching.

The key points of our team are prayer and relationships. We believe that without prayer our efforts are futile. Our team meets twice a week to pray for each other and intercede for our students. We get the privilege of praying for these students by name, many for the first time.

Most of what we do at the Centre is focused on building relationships. We believe that through the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives, their lives will be impacted. We build relationships through the following ways:

Classes: The Centre is opened Monday through Friday, 4-8pm. Each class has 1-6 students and is one hour long. We offer classes for all ages. New teachers are given a short workshop on English teaching, and longer term teachers are encouraged to complete the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, an intensive 4-week course offered in Chiang Mai.

After class activities: Before and after classes students are welcomed to stay and spend time with our team. We often play games or go out to eat together.

Friday Night Parties: Every Friday night we plan games and activities around an English theme. It provides a relaxed atmosphere to practice English and build friendships. We always finish the evening with an American snack and table games.

Outings: Often these are planned by our students. We mention a place we would like to visit, and the students take off with it. These are not scheduled, but happen whenever someone gets a great idea to “pay thiaw” (go on an outing).

Another vision of the Centre is to connect with local Thai churches. Pastor Yut is a Thai Youth Pastor working as our receptionist. God has been using him in many ways. Often I hear him explaining something about Christianity or these ‘strange missionaries’ to a curious student. He is years ahead of us in his effectiveness because of the lack of language and culture barriers.

Our real purpose here is to give Jesus to our students. Jesus said, “No man can come to me, except the Father…draw him.” You can join our ministry through prayer. Please pray that the Father would draw our students to His Son.

By Kelly Shenk (I Witness News/Fall 2010)

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