IGo Church Planting

dru-church-plantingIGo’s church planting efforts are still in their infancy, so although the articles included in this newsletter are not all new church plants, all three of these families come under the church planting umbrella.

Dru Lattin’s work with a Thai church, Craig Miller’s live in a village with the intent of shepherding new believers that are without a leader while also planting a church, and Duff Browne’s are in language study preparing for more full-time ministry. I am overjoyed by the commitment of these servants of the Lord.

On the horizon it seems as though this arm of IGo could escalate, but only the Lord knows how and when it would become reality. Currently there is a possibility of beginning a church plant with Vietnamese people in Bangkok, Thailand. However, in the future we hope to use schools operated by Thai Christians using Anabaptist curriculum as the springboard for starting churches. It is our goal to be ready to walk through potential open doors to assist in church planting in ways that the Scripture is not only taught, but demonstrated in daily life. It is a powerful testimony in Asia to live and demonstrate the gospel. The joy, clear countenances, modesty, and demeanor of our staff and students has and is making an impact.

IGo has only been in existence in Thailand for four years, and we have seen God bless many of the ministries that have developed since the initial semester. The Macedonian Teaching Ministry, Asian Bible School, IGo English Centre and the Ransom Ministries have all begun and grown since then, and we don’t know what the next opportunities God will lead us to in the future. We do know, however, that we want to be faithful to our calling and be used as our Heavenly Father leads. The work is the Lord’s! Pray for us as we respond to the call of God and are faithful to His Word.

By Lee Mummau (I Witness News/Spring 2011)

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