Help Us Build the IGo Library

Have you ever read a book that has changed your life? Or used a reference work that has deepened your appreciation for the Word of God? An integral part of a Bible institute is a good library, stocked with books that will assist the students in their studies, challenge them in their personal lives, and most importantly, help them grow in their relationship with God. If well chosen, the library does not need to be large, but a good selection (variety and choice of books) helps adds perspective to the study experience.

The IGo board is working to establish such a library in Thailand. Some of the books will be used directly for the classes. Others are ones that have challenged and impacted the lives of board members. Rick Rhodes consented to oversee the library and is working to get the books together. We can use donations of good used books that have been chosen by the board or financial donations to purchase needed books. If you are interested in helping build the IGo library in Thailand, please contact Rick Rhodes [you may use the online contact form].

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