Finding a Place for IGo

igo-buildingAs my son and I recently traveled with members of the IGo Board, we had two primary, corporate goals. The first was to explore the potentialities for ministry in Asia that would be available for IGo students to exercise their faith while involved in Bible, missions, personal development and theological studies. Several other articles in this issue of I Witness News highlight the vision-implanting results of those experiences by board members.

The second primary goal was to locate and secure a venue for IGo to use in this initial startup phase of operation. A couple earlier trips had confirmed that building a new facility was unwise at this time for various reasons. Shortly before our arrival in Thailand, GTO staff located a building they wanted to show us.

We were amazed as we began to consider the blessings connected with the location of this facility. The building is located at the edge of a very large moobaan (village/suburb with security gates) with limitless possibilities for ministry to families therein. It is located in an area of the city where Pioneer Missions personnel had concluded was the most unreached part of the surrounding area and has many housing possibilities for IGo Staff to rent at very reasonable prices. A major highway is about a block away which will give students access to many modes of public transportation as they go into the city for ministry purposes. The one end of the Chiang Mai International Airport runway is less than a mile from this location to enable easy access for arriving and departing staff and students.

The four story, 40’x65’ building seemed hand-picked by God for us. Though we will need to add a few rooms, offices, and a kitchen; the building already has six bathrooms and lots of large open spaces for development. The management gives us full permission to alter the building to fit our needs. The Lord even threw in the extra bonus of an Asian-owned laundromat immediately next door.

On Thursday, June 8th, we signed a five-year contract with Miss Saifhone Inchaiuong, manager of the moobaan. The contract allows us to begin renovations on the first of November though we will not need to begin paying the monthly rent until January 1, 2007. IGo will be responsible for funding the renovating of the building.

We are so grateful to the Lord, Luke Kuepfer and Pastor Kiat for guiding us to this facility. As we left the facility our prayer was that it would be a center from which God would be glorified as students “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”

By Val Yoder, IGo Administrator (I Witness News/Summer 2006)

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