Experiences at IGo: Are They Worth It?

igo-students-childrenIGo . . . in the vision stage for several years; then, finally it came to be a reality in 2007. We have had 4 semester’s worth of students walk the halls, live in the dorms, sit in the classes and go on the ministry trips. We are now teaching the 5th group.

Is it worth it? Has IGo accomplished any of the visionary goals it set back in those early days? I will let you answer that question for yourself as you read through the testimonies of some of those students in this newsletter. But let me share with you something that I experienced just last Sunday evening.

The students had just returned from their ministry trips. The team from Cambodia returned on Saturday evening, and the team from India came in Sunday morning just before church.

As is our custom, Sunday evening each one of the teams give a report, very similar to what Paul and Barnabas did when they returned from their first missionary journey.

The India team shared the love of Jesus to over 2200 children in a week of Bible School. The Bible schools were held at 4 different locations, but on the final day, they all came together. 2200 children.

As our students gave their report, they sang a song with motions. It was a song that explained the theme of the Bible school. They sang it in the Telugu language. They did a fantastic job, and even though I couldn’t understand the words, I did understand the message through the motions, and through the radiating faces of our students. I said to myself, “This is what IGo is all about. This is the stuff that impacts our Anabaptist young people in a life changing way.” To say the least, I was blessed.

As you read through the testimonies of our students, I want you to know we didn’t ask them to “write a testimony for our newsletter.” No, these testimonies were not “a project.” Some of them come from homework assignments as they shared about a question given to them, or responded to a class they had. Some of these testimonies come from email messages that they wrote to one another as they shared about their lives after they had returned to the states. We asked them for permission to share these with you, our newsletter readers and faithful supporters of IGo.

So, peek into the emails of our students. Hear their hearts as they share in a homework assignment. And then, make sure you give God the glory . . . all the glory. You see, we here at IGo do not have the power to change hearts. Only God does that. We receive the blessing of watching God do it, but God gets all the glory.

Thank you for laboring with us in this ministry. We are all missionaries. Some are senders, and others are the sent. Both are just as necessary. Thank you for sending.

By Collier Berkshire, IGo Pastor (I Witness News/Summer 2009)

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