Coming Soon … English Classes Starting in April

english-class-bannerHere we are, on the brink of opening the doors to The IGo English Centre! I sat across the street on my motorbike today and smiled at the sign sporting this heading, hung in front of The English Centre. I smiled – partly in anticipation and excitement, and largely in awe and wonderment of God’s leading and preparing the way to this point.

God blessed us so much in raising up a short term team willing to come for a few months this spring to help us prepare The English Centre to begin classes. The team has been involved in a variety of things including language learning, English teaching, cross cultural relationships, advertising, and the nit grit of preparing classrooms and storage areas! They will also teach the first four weeks of classes at The English Centre beginning in April!

The IGo English Centre is situated next to IGo. It has a small front reception area, a rec room with a ping pong table and comfy sitting area, and room enough for 3-4 small classrooms. Adult classes and children’s classes will be offered from 5-6 and from 6-7 every Monday through Friday. Our classes, 1 hour each, will be no more than 6 students per class and will focus mainly on the speaking and listening skills. The small class size is ideal for a lot of speaking practice for the students during class times. The rec room on the second floor will facilitate the students in building relationships with each other, their teachers, and the IGo students – giving them great opportunity to practice their English with native English speakers and giving us the opportunity to share the love of Jesus in any and every way possible! Our prayer is and will be that every student that comes through these doors will feel the Spirit and love of Jesus Christ in this place.

By Kris Schrock, IGo English Centre Coordinator (I Witness News/Spring 2009)

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