Church Planting in Pang Klang

craig-miller-familyWe live in the mountains of Northern Thai- land about 2 1/2 hours from IGo. We live in a block and tile house that we share in a duplex style arrangement with a local Lisu Christian family. There are an estimated one thousand people living in our area, with the large majority being Lisu. The Lisu tribe is culturally and linguistically distinct from mainstream Thai people, so we have focused our language study on Lisu.

We have been in Thailand nearly two years. We came to the Pang Klang area with the idea of starting a new church and since our arrival we’ve learned more about the local church that is already established. We have enjoyed getting to know the local pastors and attending services. We pray that this church would become a vibrant evangelistic force in the community.

There are few Christians in our village. Although various missionary groups have come through the area, Christianity has really struggled in our village. We don’t understand all the reasons, but we know that the fear of spirits, materialism, and immorality are major strongholds.

Thank you for enabling us to be here. Please pray that God would use the local believers to reach our hell-bound neighbors. Pray for us as we attempt to show Christ to our friends.

By Craig Miller (I Witness News/Spring 2011)

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