An Inspired Mission

rick-rhodes-familyOur family has had the blessing of being able to serve the Lord in full time mission work in Grenada, West Indies. After tasting the blessing of being in full time ministry, I struggled with the thought of leaving it. Yet, I knew that the Lord’s call for us in Grenada was not for a much longer period of time. As we began to wait on the Lord for His direction, we were asked about joining the work of IGo in Thailand. We never expected to end up in Asia, but we wanted God’s will for us.

While being on the foreign field for several years, I began to have a burden for the church in America. I also began to sense a specific call to evangelistic work and to work with youth and challenge them to give their lives to full time mission work. I wondered why God was giving me this burden? I also wondered where and how I would be able to do a work that would fulfill this burden? I began to dream of different ideas that could be done in starting some kind of ministry that would involve training young people in missions, yet I did not sense the Lord’s hand in any of my ideas. Then the call came to serve with IGo – an organization that was starting with the goal of training young people in missions on the foreign field. Wow! Then the pieces started to fall in place: our time on the foreign field, my burden for training young people in missions, and the call for full time evangelistic/mission work – all of this could be fulfilled through our work with IGo!

As we prayed for God’s clear direction, the peace of God which passeth all understanding filled our hearts. Just as He confirmed the call for us to serve Him in Grenada for the past number of years, the Lord was leading us to go to Asia and serve under IGo. Our desire is that the Lord would use our family for His honor and glory to reach souls for His Kingdom. Please pray for our family as we follow God’s call for us!

Rick Rhodes, IGo Instructor (I Witness News/Fall 2006)

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