A Testimony

english-center-studentsTeaching English. Those two words intimidated me! When I found out that I would be helping out at the IEC for ministry nights during my first semester at IGo, I wondered what in the world God was thinking! But as you probably guessed, I learned that teaching English isn’t quite as scary as I thought and I ended up really enjoying the interaction I had with the students at the Centre.

Ministry nights at IGo involve us students working with various missions in the area two nights a week, getting a broader vision for reaching out to others. This is exactly what my time at the English Centre did. It showed me the valuable opportunity that teaching English can give in spreading the light of Christ. I learned that the best way of doing this was by building relationships; one of the most important aspects of teaching English. Although teaching new words and concepts to the students is important, it is mostly an avenue for spending time with them and teaching them more of who God is by lifestyle and friendship.

You have probably heard the familiar quote, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” I was often reminded of this during my experience at the English Centre and found it to be true. The more I built relationships with my students and showed them that I cared about them, the more they listened during class and wanted to know about my own personal life. Please pray for the students and staff at the English Centre as they interact, and as seeds are planted in the hearts of the Thai people!

By Megan Ulrich (I Witness News/Summer 2008)

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